Membership Entitlements

Benefits Silver Gold Blue Classic
Minor mechanical repair
Intercity towing
Battery Boosting
Fixing a flat tyre
Lockout service
Petrol delivery service
Annual vehicle registration (renewal) Chargeable
Rent a car Chargeable
Assistance in the Sultanate of Oman (Optional) AED 250 AED 250 AED 250
Offroad recovery / pullout Chargeable • (x3) • (x3)
International Driving Permit (IDP) AED 50
Nr of vehicles covered 1 1 3
Nr of services per annum Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Fees for vehicles less than 10 years AED 250 AED 500 AED 750
Fees for vehicles older than 10 years AED 350 AED 750 N/A

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